So a lot has happened in my life since giving it back to Jesus. He has done wonderful things. Me and Juvy gave our lives to Him together around mid November 2016 and the peace of God came back into my life. That shocked me as for 6 years I hadn’t felt the peace of God like that. I felt at rest and it was beautiful, it really was. 

But the encounters started when Rolland Baker came to Alice Springs January 18 2017. When he called people up for prayer I was the first one up, and the Lord took me by surprise. When Rolland poked me with the microphone, and that’s all he did, I suddenly felt a force come from the right side of me and slam me down to the ground. As soon as I was on the ground, I felt two feet jump up and down on me and suddenly lift off. After that I felt a gentle hand on my back for quite sometime while I was resting there in peace. For the rest of the night I was crying and thanking God for touching and setting me free. I didn’t want to go to bed and lose that sense of His presence I missed for so long. I believe that was a deliverance from all the garbage I had allowed into my life over the last 6 years. 

Never in my whole life had I encountered the Lord and His delivering power like this. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. 

Now, I walked in the sense of His glory for a month after that encounter, but I found myself in the midst of intense temptation again. This long time issue wasn’t going away easily.

I fell into a heap of ruins for a while but then Katy, our pastor’s wife prayed for me and the Lord threw me back in the same way that happened at Rolland Baker – that force just threw me backwards! (I know that “force” was the Holy Spirit and He is a person, but that’s the only way I can describe how He touched me, like a force, but of course it was God and not a force, just to reiterate!)

Then after that we had Darren Canning come in April I think. That was really powerful. In one of the meetings God showed me a vision that Jesus was reaching into my heart and pulling out a chain and breaking it in two. As soon as I saw that, our pastor, Daniel gets up and shares that God is breaking chains off people’s hearts!! I looked at him like what??? I just saw that in my minds eye! Trippin out…

But the last meeting was really powerful where I felt God all over me but rising up from within me – and He gave me 3 words of knowledge at once – but the intimacy I felt and His power was amazing. At the altar call the Lord touched me with His fire and we rejoiced before Him with such freedom that day. God is good!

Then just before our pastors went to Mozambique, I smelt the fragrance of the Holy Spirit again – I haven’t smelt that since I was 18 – it was so beautiful.

Then the last encounter was at Randy Clark in Sydney. I was believing God for an impartation, as that is the main call on his life, as Randy himself stated. On the first night Randy still hadn’t made it on his flight, but made it the next day. The pastor that night got everyone to pray for eachother – I got to pray for one lady who got healed in her leg. Then the next night, on Friday night I met this man who was very discouraged and wouldn’t go up for prayer. So I offered to pray for him and he said that would be good. While I was praying for him, he said he felt a heat in my left hand. I never felt that but he did, and by the end of the prayer he could touch his toes whereas before he couldn’t. Praise God!

But on the last night I believed I received an impartation from God. Others as well as Randy prayed for me and I was shaking. It was an amazing feeling and I didn’t want it to stop. I basked in His presence for an hour after that just vibrating (that’s how it felt literally) and didn’t want it to end. 

Since coming back I’ve prayed for a few people who have gotten healed. I’m still getting attacked by the enemy and need to learn to stand strong, but I’m learning this year that God is One who pursues His Children, never leaving nor forsaking us as long as we live. He never EVER gives up on His children. I’ve also come to understand a very important truth – that we are not lone rangers in this walk as Christians. we need eachother to grow in our walk. We need the fellowship of the saints. It’s not YouTube church, we grow by relationship. It’s nice to watch sermons and testimonies on Youtube, but we need eachother.  Amen.

There’s more that has happened along the way this year, God just keeps turning up and surprising me, even with just little words just when I needed them. He comes in dreams and visions and lets you know He is there looking after you and that he has a purpose for your life. Actually the other week, I had a dream that I was not going to lose my job – as our organisation has run out of funding and need to put people off. That has caused a bit of worry for people, as you’d imagine, myself included. But He tells me in a dream that I won’t lose my job, and lo and behold, by my next shift I get an email stating I will be keeping my job and no changes will be made to my hours. Isn’t God amazing? He could have let me wait till I found out from the email, but He just wanted to let me know ahead of time. God is so thoughtful isn’t He?

Remember – if God did it for me, He really can do it for you! God bless…

Rob 🙂