“Who is a God like You, who pardons iniquity
            And passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession?
            He does not retain His anger forever,
            Because He delights in unchanging love.
          He will again have compassion on us;
            He will tread our iniquities under foot.
            Yes, You will cast all their sins
            Into the depths of the sea.” (Micah 7:18-19)

My study tonight began with this verse, then led me to other amazing verses just like it. Firstly let’s look at what “iniquity” means, so we can grasp what exactly the Lord has actually pardoned us from…

Strong’s 5771 Avon: iniquity, guilt, punishment for iniquity.
So here we see God pardons our iniquity, in verse 18, and treads them underfoot, in verse 19, then casts them into the depth of the sea. According to the meaning, He not only forgives the iniquity and the guilt, but also the punishment! We deserved punishment for our sins, but Jesus took the punishment also.
Next, to cast them into the depth of the sea, think about it. Sin is like a heavy weight, so heavy it sinks right to the bottom of the sea. It’s not coming up to the surface anymore. it has sunk, and God certainly isn’t bringing it up anymore – so why should you or anyone else? God has chosen to throw it there and leave it there. Also being at the bottom of the ocean, think of the crushing weight, the pressure – if you try to get down that far to bring it back up, you will be crushed under the weight of the ocean. Where God has thrown your sins, it is so deep nothing can get down that far! So don’t even try!
It’s also like the Titanic – it’s sunk, it’s not coming back up. It’s at the bottom of the ocean, Leave it there. Your sins are too heavy to take up by yourself, let them go and let God throw them into the depth of the sea. He is the only one strong enough to lift it back up to the surface – but He chooses to leave it there, so you can live free.
This next verse is awesome…
 “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake,
            And I will not remember your sins.”(Isaiah 43:25)
Let’s look at the word for “wipes” …
Strong’s 4229: machah: abolish.
It is the same word used in Genesis 7:23 where it says that God “wiped” out every living creature from off the face of the earth, speaking of the flood. It means to blot out, to exterminate. Our sins have been exterminated! Blotted out!
It is the same word used in Deauterononomy 9:14 where God said to Moses, “Leave Me alone that I may destroy them and blot out their name from under heaven…” it means to obliterate from the memory!
God exterminates our sins from the face of the earth and obliterates them from His memory – He completely blots them out!
And it is the same word used in this next verse…
“I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud
            And your sins like a heavy mist.
            Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.” (Isaiah 44:22)
You can’t see through a thick cloud or heavy mist, correct? So the Lord cannot see your sins anymore – he has wiped them out, thrown them into the depths of the sea, crushing them under the weight of the sea, never to be brought up ever again and humanly impossible to reach. He doesn’t see them through the thick cloud of His forgiveness and the heavy mist of His mercy.
So let’s return to Him, for He has redeemed us and completely forgiven and removed our sins forever….
Be blessed as you meditate on this truth today…