“For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” (Jn 1:17)

I was recently reading through Leviticus, and one thing stood out to me…the many forms of offerings and sacrifices they needed to do for a variety of different reasons. If you sinned in one particular way, you had to bring your sacrifice and offering this way; but if you sinned in another way, you had to bring a different sacrifice again. For example, there was the sin offering where if one sinned unintentionally in an area, and when he was made aware of it, he had to bring a young bull and sacrifice it, and offer it in a specific way. Then there was a trespass offering, and a lamb or a goat had to be brought and offered in a specific way, and if you lied it was a ram you had to bring etc…and there’s so much more. One was made “unclean” simply by having a bodily emission. One was made unclean by even giving birth, and weren’t allowed into God’s presence for 7 to 14 days, depending on the gender of the child too…if a boy, only 7 days, if a girl, 14!!! I wonder what the message in that was?? Anyway….They hadn’t even sinned, simply gave birth!!!

Things seemed very extreme and hard back in those days. That was the law given through Moses…

Today, however, why is it different? Why don’t we have to bring any of those offerings? The answer is because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The good news is in WHATEVER way we sin today, His blood is enough…His ONE sacrifice and offering has completed the work. So no matter what we have done, we don’t have to do any more work to be forgiven! If we sin in one way, we don’t have to bring a specific offering for it, and if we sin in another way, we don’t have to look up what offering to bring for that sin either! We simply look to the ONE offering Jesus made on our behalf, and accept what He has done for us. We repent of our sin and thank Jesus for what he has accomplished on the cross!

This is why it’s called GOOD NEWS!!! It is the grace now given through Jesus Christ…amen!